As one of the UK's oldest industries, the rail sector has undergone significant evolution, and at BCW, our commitment to excellence in innovation positions us to provide precision-manufactured products and services for this advancing and evolving sector.

From passenger trains to freight, underground to overground, our team of specialists excels in producing extruded, forged, cast, and machined components . These reliable solutions ensure the smooth and seamless operation of these vital transport links. BCW Group possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to keep you on the right track.

As a leading UK manufacturing company, BCW Group has accumulated extensive experience over the years, enabling us to deliver precisely manufactured parts and services. We recognise the importance of strength and stability in the rail manufacturing sector, where long-lasting machined parts are crucial for ensuring the safety of people's lives.

Our components are manufactured with strict adherence to safety and quality standards, while our dedication to innovation also supports our customers evolving products.

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Q&A with Harry Ingle Programme Manager

At BCW Group we encourage developments and progression within the company.  A few months ago, we celebrated the promotion of Harry, into the role as Programme Manager.  We thought it was a great idea to see how he was progressing now he is...

BCW Treatments and The University of Leeds Pioneers Ground-breaking Project Backed by Innovate UK

BCW Treatments, a trailblazer in UK manufacturing and surface treatments, has secured a groundbreaking project supported by Innovate UK. Innovate UK, the United Kingdom's innovation agency, provides financial support to organisations to...

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