The mining industry remains one of the most vital sectors worldwide, producing natural minerals and materials used in a wide range of everyday products and services. BCW's team of experienced designers and engineers specialises in providing vertically integrated solutions and components for this industry.

We understand the mining industry's demand for durable and stable mining machines capable of performing under heavy loads and extreme pressure. Our high-quality machined components are manufacture with quality and safety in mind, ensuring their durability even under the most demanding conditions.

Leveraging our rapid prototype capabilities, we can support and develop new innovative products tailored to the specific requirements of each client in the mining industry. Through our design for manufacture approach, we strive to produce components that are highly efficient for both manufacturing and operational purposes, without compromising on quality and safety.

If you require machined components and assemblies for your mining machines, please contact us today. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to discuss your machined component needs.

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