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Innovation and Talent Celebrated by Employers and Tutors at Engineering Showcase Burnley College

BCW Engineering was delighted to attend Burnley College's Apprentice Engineering Showcase Event last night. This prestigious event welcomed employers and tutors from across the region to celebrate the outstanding work created by the talented Themis Apprentices and to toast another year of innovation at their Engineering Showcase.

A Night of Celebrating Excellence and Innovation.

The Burnley College Apprentice Engineering Showcase is an annual event that highlights the achievements and innovations of the next generation of engineers. This year's showcase was a testament to the dedication and creativity of the apprentices, who have worked tirelessly to push the boundaries of engineering excellence.

BCW Engineering's HR Director, Gordon Cassie, along with Senior Managers Lee Whitt, Dave Stansfield, and Greg Burgess, were all in attendance to celebrate and support all BCW's apprentices at the event. Their presence underscored the company's commitment to recognising and nurturing emerging talent. Among the celebrated apprentices were Amy Taylor, Callum Creelman, Oliver Nunn and Nacha Dowling, all in their second year, who have become welcome additions to Team BCW.


BCW Engineering's Star Apprentice: Amy Taylor

BCW Engineering is exceptionally proud to announce that our own Amy Taylor, an Apprentice Engineer, was awarded the prestigious title of 'Apprentice of the Year.' Amy's exceptional hard work, determination, and innovative approach also earned her three additional awards, underscoring her remarkable contributions to the field.

Gordon Cassie, HR Director of BCW Group, expressed his pride and enthusiasm: "I would like to congratulate Amy on her success. She is a credit to the company, and we are excited to watch her on her engineering journey."

Lee Whitt, Maintenance Manager, continued, "Amy has achieved great things in her apprenticeship so far, and it is a testament to her excellent work ethic that everybody I have spoken to has called her a superstar. I fully look forward to working with her on a more regular basis."


Showcasing Talent and Innovation

The event provided a platform for Themis Apprentices to present their projects and innovations to a wide audience of industry professionals. Employers and tutors had the opportunity to engage with the apprentices, discuss their work, and celebrate their achievements. The showcase was a vibrant display of creativity, technical skill, and forward-thinking solutions.


BCW Engineering's Commitment to Nurturing Talent

At BCW Engineering, we are committed to supporting and nurturing the talent of the future. We believe that events like the Burnley College Apprentice Engineering Showcase are crucial in providing young engineers with the recognition and encouragement they deserve. Amy Taylor's success is a testament to the high standards of our apprenticeship program and our dedication to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation.


Looking Forward

As we celebrate the achievements of our apprentices, we are excited about the future and the continued partnership with Burnley College. Together, we aim to inspire and develop the next generation of engineering talent, ensuring a bright and innovative future for the industry.

BCW Engineering congratulates all the apprentices who participated in the showcase and looks forward to seeing their future accomplishments.


Here are a few images from the night and also a few quotes from Amy, her tutors, and mentors at the college.


Amy Taylor, Apprentice of the Year 2024:

"I have had the opportunity to go to Burnley College for my first year in my engineering apprenticeship and have been awarded Apprentice of the Year! Over this year, I have made various things which all got displayed at the end-of-year showcase for my company BCW Group and other companies attending.

I have been able to participate in multiple blocks: sheet metal, bench fitting, mechanical maintenance, welding, electrical wiring and testing, electrical maintenance, and an extra block of turning. I have had the best time in all of these blocks, and I don’t think I can say how grateful I am to have had the opportunity.

In my time, I have been able to create some of the most amazing projects and meet the most amazing people. I could not be more thankful for the tutors who have been there for me and supported me throughout this year. I would also like to thank my company, BCW Engineering Ltd, for supporting me through this year, and I cannot be more excited to start working with everybody in the future!”


Jeff Thompson, Engineering Specialist, IQA, Burnley College:

"Amy began her journey two years ago when she enrolled in the Year 11 Young Engineers Programme at Burnley College. It was clear to see then that she would do well as an engineer, and she soon gained an apprenticeship with BCW, a leading manufacturing company in Burnley specialising in the automotive, aerospace, defence, and mining sectors. During her first year in the workshop L2, Amy excelled in every section she worked on, going above and beyond with her work and commitment. She achieved fantastic results with her coursework, gaining multiple distinctions and showing excellence above others. A big well done from all the tutors."


Ben Parker, Trainer Assessor in Mechanical Engineering:

"Great effort, Amy. Your work looks outstanding, and you have carried yourself amazingly throughout the year, so thoroughly deserved recognition. Also, well done to Jeff and the rest of the staff who have played a key role in Amy and the rest of this year’s cohort of apprentices, giving each of them valuable knowledge and skills to take on to the next chapter of their careers with their employers."


David Lord, Head of Construction & Engineering at Burnley College:

"Great work, Amy. I personally wish you all the best with BCW Engineering.”


Jim Bolton, Machine Workshop Trainer/Assessor at Burnley College:

"Well done, Amy. Well deserved. It has been a pleasure to have you on section."


Thanks to World Skills for the windmill drawing.




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