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Fraser Anderson's Dedication to Learning and Growth at BCW Group

BCW interviewed one of their employees following the recent success on securing his HNC.  We caught up and asked him a series of questions about his education journey and his time at BCW.

Q: Talk to me about your BCW journey. When did you start? Which area of the business did you start? Which college and university did you go to? How have you progressed?

Fraser: I began my BCW journey in 2017, joining the company for a 4-year apprenticeship. Initially, I delved into the world of engineering as an apprentice in the Toolroom with BCW Engineering. Over time, I had the opportunity to explore other area of the business, fostering a deep-rooted passion for continuous learning and I now work within BCW Design & Manufacture.

I studied for both my apprenticeship and HNC at Burnley College who have been fantastic. The knowledge and skills I acquired during these courses have significantly elevated the quality of my work. As I progressed, I was promoted to the role of a CNC Programmer/Machinist, which has been an incredibly rewarding experience.


Q: Have you always worked in Engineering?

Fraser: Yes, I started apprenticeship straight after finishing school in 2017. 


Q: Why did you choose this industry?

Fraser: Engineering had always been my favourite subject in school, and the intricate nature of problem-solving and innovation in this industry has fuelled my interest.


Q: What do you enjoy about your current role, and what do your daily activities look like?

Fraser: Programming 3 and 5 axis CNC machines in the Toolroom is where my passion lies. Each day presents me with a diverse set of tasks that keep me engaged and constantly challenged.


Q: What are your career aspirations?

Fraser: My ultimate goal is to step into the shoes of a department manager, contributing my expertise and leadership skills to drive the success of the company.


Q: Who are your mentors? Who inspires you?

Fraser: Throughout my journey, Dave Stansfield has been an exceptional mentor, providing guidance and support since my very first day at BCW. His mentorship has been invaluable to my growth and development.


Q: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Fraser: Embracing failure as a stepping stone to success has been one of the most significant lessons I've learned. Each mistake is an opportunity to learn and improve as an engineer.


Q: Would you recommend on-the-job learning?

Fraser: Absolutely, on-the-job learning is crucial. It provides hands-on experience while allowing you to earn money, it is a great grounding for understanding the industry.


Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Fraser: In 10 years’ time I hope to be a section team leader striving to be a department manager, making valuable contributions to the company's growth and success.


We congratulate Fraser Anderson on his outstanding achievements and dedication to his educational and professional development. His commitment serves as an inspiration to all of us at BCW Group. We look forward to witnessing his continued success and contributions to the company's growth in the future.

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