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BCW Treatments & Helmut Fisher

BCW Treatments part of the BCW Group, supports customers with industry leading high quality surface treatments for bonding applications, across multiple sectors including Automotive, Aerospace, Off Highway and Leisure.

We proudly worked on a video project with Helmet Fischer.  BCW uses a wide range of measuring solutions from Fischer and recommends the equipment.

BCW Treatments uses a range of measuring solutions to ensure quality, including hand-held gauges and bench top X-Ray Fluorescence instruments, from Fischer, including:

• Fischer MPOR Eddy Current Gauges

• Fischer MMS Inspection DFT instruments

• Fischer XDV SDD XRF

These leading metrology tools help to validate its surface treatment process, ensure critical process parameters are adhered to, and outstanding coating and bonding performance is achieved.

“At BCW Treatments we strive to obtain excellence in all our surface treatment processes the Fischer instruments are vital because that is how we control our process and ensure we are fulfilling our own quality standards and customer specifications, as the reproducibility and accuracy are very good in the Fischer XRF and handheld meters.’’ Dr Junia Cristina Avelar-Batista-Wilson, BCW Treatments Technical and Quality System Manager.

BCW's passion for consistency and full quality control, means key customers can be confident that they fully comply to critical customer specifications.

BCW Treatments has exciting plans across both its sites at Burnley and Wellingborough, investing in state-of-the-art facilities, and working on future processes in partnership with various industrial and academic partners.

“We are really happy with the performance of BCW Treatments, so we are keen to invest in the growth of that company.

Recently, we have invested in a new Powder Coat line to complement the Passivation, Paint, and Anodising services that we provide currently. It is key to us that this investment is environmentally friendly as well, and state of the art.

We believe that sustainability is important to what we do, so part of having an integrated treatment service allows us to look at our carbon footprint in much more detail, and we are really keen to invest in equipment and technologies that allows us to be as green as possible in the future.’’ Claire Whelan, BCW Group Chief Executive Officer.

BCW Treatments are proud of the solutions it provides, and ensures it continuously improves its service offering to its valued customers, so they can be confident in its unwavering commitment and support for many years to come!

BCW and Fischer, Working Together.

Click on the link to access the video:!dj1xUzl0UUZUbXJ1MA==/39AC73BB6342DF49BD71A097247D32725D63F9EED425FE2EF9C499E820F1320E?c=0&i=1&docs=1

To contact BCW Treatments email

To contact your local Fisher representative, and find out more about its solutions, including the new XDV SDD X-Ray Instrument range, contact

Fischer, Measuring Made Easy!

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