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BCW Group Celebrates Long Service Awards Milestone

BCW Group Ltd celebrates a significant milestone today as they honour two of their longstanding employees, Jose Tavares and Tom Freeman, for their exceptional dedication and commitment. Jose serves as the Production Manager at BCW Design and Manufacture, while Tom holds the esteemed position of Head of Advanced Engineering. Both individuals have reached an impressive 10 years of service with BCW, embodying the values of excellence and loyalty that define the company culture.

In a gesture of appreciation, CEO Claire Whelan and HR Director Gordon Cassie presented Jose and Tom with Long Service Award Certificates, accompanied by thoughtful gifts and a delightful lunch. This act serves as a token of gratitude for their unwavering dedication and the invaluable impact they have made during their time at BCW.

Reflecting on their remarkable journey, Claire Whelan remarked, "Jose and Tom's unwavering commitment to excellence has truly shaped the fabric of our company. Their growth within BCW and their individual career paths have enriched our organization in countless ways."

Amidst the celebrations, Claire seized the opportunity to gather insightful feedback from Jose and Tom. At BCW, the commitment to continuous improvement is paramount, and the perspectives shared by employees like Jose and Tom are vital in shaping the company's future endeavours. BCW extends their thanks to Jose and Tom for their contributions and for sharing their thoughts on what makes BCW a great place to work.

As BCW commemorates this milestone, they look forward to many more years of success, growth, and solidarity within the team and hope many more will reach their 10 years in service.

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