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BCW Design & Manufacture - Paving the Way for Excellence in Engineering

BCW Design & Manufacture - Paving the Way for Excellence in Engineering

Date: Jan 2024

BCW Design & Manufacture, a prominent player in the engineering and manufacturing sector, is making waves through its strategic evolution and commitment to innovation following recent changes. Under the new leadership of Mark Corns as Managing Director, BCW Design & Manufacture is set for a new chapter marked by innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction. These exciting times underline BCW's commitment to growth and prosperity in the engineering industry, solidifying its position as a leader in the field.

Strategic Diversification Amidst Challenges

BCW's response to the challenges faced by the aerospace sector during the pandemic showcases a forward-thinking approach. The decision to diversify strategically and contribute machining capabilities to various sectors while continuing to support aerospace demonstrates the company's resilience and adaptability. This strategic shift positions BCW as a reliable partner capable of meeting the evolving demands of diverse industries, including Defence, Construction, Nuclear, and more.


Versatility in End-to-End Engineering Solutions

The company's impressive machining capacity and lifting capability highlight its readiness to cater to the diverse needs of various sectors. BCW's expertise in R&D mould tooling design, comprehensive fabrication services, and adherence to rigorous quality standards, including ISO EN1090-1 and ISO 3834 – 1, underscore its versatility in meeting the diverse needs of UK manufacturing.


Quality Excellence as a Cornerstone

BCW Design & Manufacture's commitment to quality excellence is evident through prestigious certifications such as AS EN 9100 Rev D & Cyber Essential. Specialized inspection areas equipped with advanced quality control assets, including Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and Laser Tracking Technology, showcase the company's dedication to precision and accuracy. The impressive dimensions of the CMMs, covering 6300mm x 3000mm x 2000mm, highlight BCW's capability to handle large-scale projects with meticulous attention to detail.


Leadership Shift and a Glimpse into the Future.

BCW Design & Manufacture have strengthened their senior team with the appointment of Anthony Haworth as Quality Director.  Anthony has been with the wider group since 2019.  He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role, ensuring that BCW Design & Manufacture continues to uphold the highest standards of quality excellence. His leadership will play a pivotal role in maintaining our commitment to precision, accuracy, and compliance with industry standards.          

Another addition to the team sees Linden Normanton appointed as Sales Director.  Linden has over 24 years of experience in the aerospace industry and has a history of providing solutions for tooling, machining and fabrication needs.  With an extensive background in manufacturing, having worked as a shop floor manager and a business development manager in aerospace tooling, including lay-up tools in metal and composites, and large assembly fixtures ensures he is the right fit for this role. Welcome to the team.


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